Aug 19

New Album ‘Wild Life’ Available November 11


Hello Everyone, we have some big news to share!!

We are on the verge of releasing our fifth album entitled Wild Life, available November 11th.

Our first single is called “Anything” and we will be releasing to radio stations today and on iTunes August 27th. Click here to download on iTunes!

We couldn’t be more ecstatic, thrilled, and ready for all of you to hear it.  This record is a culmination of many early mornings, long days and late nights spent searching for ground we have yet to walk on. But you know us. Hedley has never been satisfied to simply walk; we choose to run.

If you like what you hear, call up your local station and tell’em so.  Don’t be shy. Requests get the ball rolling and we are ever indebted to the support of amazing fans such as yourselves. If you hear the song, take our advice and turn up the audio gas. Some songs are meant to be listened to loudly.

It’s good to be back, you make this Wild Life worth living.