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For Small Businesses

Are you looking for a simple all-in-one SEO solution?
If yes, check out our One-Click SEO Pack specifically designed for newer websites to start generating traffic.
Looking for all-in-one SEO solution?
Check out our One-Click SEO Pack.
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Enterprise SEO

For Larger Businesses

Are you looking for more POWERFUL and customized strategy to DOMINATE the industry?
Check out our Enterprise SEO solution
Looking for more POWERFUL strategy?
Check out our Enterprise SEO solution

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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization – or SEO, is a digital marketing strategy that helps your website to be exposed to more people by ranking on the top of Google and other search engines. If you are a dentist in Sydney and if your business sits on the top of Google’s result result(SERP) when people search for “Best dentist in Sydney,” imagine the amount of additional business that is generated through that search organic traffic — That’s the essence of SEO. 

SEO is different from PPC(pay-per-click) advertising in a number of different ways. SEO is used to rank website organically, without paying anyone(unless you engage professionals to work on your digital marketing) while PPC advertisers pay Google whenever visitors “click” on your advertisement.

Why do you need SEO?

More than 3.5 billion searches are made every single day. Enough said? SEO is a must for every businesses in 21st century. On the first page of Google, Google only selects 10 websites out of billions of websites to put on top based on hundreds of ranking factors for a particular keyword. Yes, only 10 websites and as with all competitions in life, it’s a relative game.

If your competitor’s website satisfies 80% of Google’s ranking guidelines while your website satisfies 10%, Google will show your competitor’s website regardless of whether your products or services are superior than them. Due to the nature of the competitiveness, it’s nearly impossible to scale your business to a certain level without proper search engine optimization on your website. SEO is also said to be the holy-grail of online marketing and can be a game changer for all types of businesses from traditional brick-and-mortar businesses to high-tech IT Saas companies.

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How does SEO work?

Keeping up with the competition on search engines can seem like a mystery to small business owners, especially when you’re so busy and trying to do so many things at the same time. Google is the top player of our time and they’re always looking for ways to make search results even more user-friendly and accurate. Hedley and our team of experienced SEO experts know what exactly Google wants. By fulfilling their every single requirements and detail, we can get your businesses on top of search engines.

Dominate Google & Become Industry Leader

Be on the top of Google and crush your competitions and maximise revenue.
That’s what SEO is all about. Complex strategies and measures that come into play?
Leave that to us. Developing a highly effective strategy and project involves cohesive and thorough planning and implementation from experts in the industry. Let us invest time to understand your business, your customers and clients, their behaviours, market and us our analysis and insights to drive massive traffic to your website through laser-targeting high-converting keywords that make you money. Let us do our job in getting you clients with guaranteed ranking improvement promise.

Real Results

Find out how we were able to produce exploding sales and results for our clients using our custom-designed SEO strategies. We have an extensive experience in dealing with legal, medical, SaaS, IT, web development, e-commerce and local brick-and-mortar businesses. 

Do you have a business with local, national or international target? Speak to our experts to find out what we can do for your business to boost sales through correct SEO strategy. 

Hedley Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne SEO, PPC - National SEO Traffic Improvement
Hedley Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne SEO, PPC - local SEO

Know Exactly What's Happening With Your Progress

As a client and our partner, you have the right to know what exactly is currently happening with your SEO campaign. Unlike any other agencies, we provide 100% transparency and clear reporting so you can see the progress of your campaign. This will include the following:


We show you all the technical, off-site, on-site and other SEO works have been done for your campaign and website. This includes all links that we have successfully built, as well as new content created, web2.0 submissions, site modifications, and much more. 

Results Reporting

With results reporting, you’re clearly able to see the results and final output each month based on the deliverables that we have executed. This will include the improved rankings on the keywords, traffic improvement report and much more.

Let's increase your sales


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is a practice of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your target website through using numerous strategies such as on-site optimisation, off-site optimisation, backlink, keyword-rich content creation, competitive analysis and many more ! 

White Hat SEO simply means following the rules set by Google or any other search engines using only ethical strategies and tactics.

Hedley practices 100% White Hat SEO strategies. 

Black Hat SEO means using risky practices that may get penalised by Google. Using the tactics with the goal to manipulate Google’s healthy SEO guidelines to reach the goals. This can sometimes work until the website gets penalised by Google which can be detrimental to your SEO in the long-run. 

Local SEO all about location. Local SEO is one of many ways to get your business in front of your target audience in a targeted geographic area. It includes all the necessary components of contemporary SEO – content, on-page optimisation, keyword research, link building – just with a geographically targeted focus.

Thanks to evolving nature of search engines like Google, Local SEO can be a lot to work on. It’s always changing, and can take a lot of time and effort to get right. This is why so many SEO agencies and consultants invest in learning how to do local SEO rather than broader SEO.

So why is it so important? Well, online directories such as Yelp, Google My Business, Yellowpages etc. display a business’ name, address, phone number and often times a lot of information such as menu, business description, price and services/products the business offers.

If you look at how search engines work, local directories generally dominate the first page of many local search results. This is because of the increasing majority of the people using search engines are using their mobile phones when performing the search. Statistically over 70% of these people who search for a business visit the business within 5 miles from where they are right now. Google know this and prioritises businesses, that is within the boundary of the search intent, on top of search results.

Local directory marketing is proven to have higher conversion rate when compared to other typical advertising channels – up to 50% conversion on some directories.

Many bricks-and-mortar businesses utilise local SEO to succeed in the local market, but of course, not exclusively.

We’re not only talking about small shops, cafes and restaurants but also service based businesses like lawyers, real estate agents and plumbers.

If your business has a physical location or wants to appeal to people in a certain geographic area, you want to make sure it pops up on Google Search Engine Results Page(SERPs) when people look for for “lawyer in Sydney”, “Plumber in Chicago” and so on. 

Just like there is no panacea that cures all diseases, the amount of time we need to spend on a particular business and website to provide the same output cannot be the same for all websites. Some websites are well optimized with high DA(Domain Authority) while some other websites could have been penalized by Google which will take a lot more time to recover from the penalty.

Even though there are countless factors that need to be taken into account, we know each hardworking business owners deserve their businesses to be successful regardless of their budget. 

As the amount of work and the type of strategy that is required to rank on Google for a local locksmith and global franchise brand will be completely different, we will need to conduct an initial assessment of your business to find out more about what’s required. 

We have encountered many businesses with a marketing budget less than $1,000 / month and saw the owners struggling to maintain the business itself. If this is you, we strongly suggest that you step back and take a look at your business from a holistic point of view and check your current sales funnel, how you close the deals, profitability of your business, unnecessary expenses and so on. SEO is a long-term investment that is proven to be highly cost-effective in the long-run, but we want you to understand that it is not a magic pill that will drive your traffic within a few days. At minimum, it will take 3+ months to bring notable output. Remember, there is no such thing as get rich quick scheme. Every legitimate and successful businesses take time and tremendous amount of effort to be successful. 

Just like a typical SEO, local SEO takes time and time means money. If you’d like faster and more results faster, you can pay for more time. It’s a simple equation. If you have multiple locations, pricing will need to be adjusted as SEO needs to be done for each and every locations you service which can be a complex work where more advanced strategies need to be applied. Speak to us to find out if you need a local SEO.

Most businesses work hard and invest time and money in increasing the ranking in Google SEO.

There are only ten(10) organic search results shown on the first page of google SERP(Search Engine Results Page) for any given keywords and the first page gets 92% of all traffic. Yes, 92% of all traffic. And the rest of 8 million businesses share the rest of 8% traffic. Imagine the sheer dominance and impact it can have by being on the first page of Google ?

Many of the big corporates who are generating millions and millions of dollars knew this early in their career. They took action, worked on SEO and absorbed all the traffic which converted into paying clients. 

SEO is all about showing yourself and business out to the world by saying “Hey, I am here when you need me !” 

No, but for the amount of expertise, experience and result-focused work that we bring to every single client, our pricing model is extremely affordable and reasonable.

While we do not strive to be the cheapest SEO agency in the world, we strive to provide a transparent pricing model that both of Hedley and our clients can mutually grow in the long run. 

This is a million dollar question, but not an easy one to answer.

Take this questions for example. “How long does it take for a person to play the piano?” It can be one day, one month, one year, or even ten years depending on what your expected quality and output is.

Same goes for SEO. Depending on the quality of leads, the desired rank, the number of optimised keywords, the amount of work and effort required to accomplish that goal varies significantly.

To better grasp the idea on the timeline of how long your SEO project will take, we first need to assess your current standing, budget and your desired outcome and goal.

Simple goals take anywhere from 2 to 4 months, whereas dominating the whole country for the keyword “Best Insurance Company in my country” can take years of effort and professional team with in-depth search engine knowledge.

Hedley prides itself as a full-stack marketing agency with the following core values: transparency, integrity and long-lasting result-driven partnership.

We have worked with the best companies in the world including Microsoft, TEDx, Toyota and have been featured in Forbes, ABC and many other media as one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies.

We have also been internationally recognised by Forbes and invited as official member of Forbes’ exclusive invited-only Business Council for the excellence and expertise in our industry and have been given privilege to write and share our knowledge on digital marketing on Forbes which we are super excited about.Purely from marketing and exposure perspective, we take time to fully understand each of our clients businesses and focus on taking your best products and services from the Amazon Rainforest out to the world so that your potential clients can find you when they need you. We have worked with a small mom and dad restaurants to global corporates and helped them explode their sales and live their dream.

Think of us as your extended marketing department – talk to us and find out how we can grow together !

SEO differs from PPC in that its main objective is to improve your search ranking position on Google, Bing or Yahoo. The main focus of SEO is on generating quality organic traffic through a carefully implemented holistic SEO strategies encompassing mixture of high-end SEO techniques and skills only professional SEO strategist with in-depth understanding can perform.

On the other hand, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) mainly focuses on advertising your website/services/product or features that you’d like to promote by paying a certain amount of dollar value commensurate to the competitiveness of the specific keywords. PPC campaigns are much faster ways to get clicks from search engine as you’re paying money for the clicks by potential customers whereas SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) will take relatively longer time for it to show notable results on the ranking.

While both are highly effective and must be used for nearly all types of businesses in modern days, SEO(search engine optimisation) has a propensity to be much more cost effective digital marketing strategy and generally bring higher ROI(Return on Investment) in the long run.