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Does your business provide products or services nationally? National SEO services can be the key to online success.
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What is National SEO?

National SEO is a type of SEO strategy with more emphasis on the national level. If your business has target audience in multiple cities in your country, national SEO will be the critical factor in determining your Google search engine marketing strategy.

National SEO targets broader audience on a national level where asΒ local SEOΒ strategy targets specific city and its surrounds for a local business. Simply put, national SEO is a “Local SEO x multiple cities” that requires a lot more work to be able to rank on top of Google for multiple cities.

Due to the Covid-19, the transition from traditional businesses into a digital one is happening fast and the importance and significance of national SEO is ever increasing.Β 

Why National SEO?

Over 3 billion searches are performed each day by Google and these massive amount of searches are spread out to individual regions and nations around the world. National SEO is an excellent method to quickly increase your revenue and this is accomplished by implementing multi-city local SEO strategies. This will dominate each city one by one, putting your business on top of Google wherever your potential customers search for target keywords.

Studies show 96% of all businesses fail within the first 10 years and the businesses that fail usually don’t put too much emphasis on the digital marketing. The fact that you’re reading this right now instantly makes you the top 4% in your industry who are likely to dominate the online traffic – Congratulations ! As a business owner and marketer, we have to keep working hard to learn new things and even our team, who put over a decade of hard work in the world of online marketing, encounter new things every now and then, which open our eyes into looking at a whole new world opportunities.Β 

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What Is Included in National SEO?

Just like local SEO, National SEO is nothing special and pretty straight forward. Each industry and niches have inherently different characteristics, but putting aside the custom strategies for specific industry, weΒ  usually adhere to a national SEO checklist which include the following list.

For most SEO projects, you’ll start seeing results in the next 3-6 months depending on the cities we are targeting, country and competition level of the niches. As the national SEO progresses, the results will stack up and will start bringing in traffic from all over the place like a compound interest.Β 

1. GMB Check and verification
2. Build Citations
3. Take Images and Optimise GMB
4. Include NAP and Map Embed on site
5. Markup homepage with Local Business Markup
6. Optimise meta description and other basic onsite SEO with Yoast or similar
8. Search Console setup and, GA Set up and sitemap submission
9. Generate Reviews Via Blog Content
10. Make sure all title tags and meta’s include some variation of your main keywords.
11. Building related location pages if applicable.
12. Setup internal links to main pages with anchor text matching the target
13. Keyword research for national terms using various methods to generate as much traffic as possible from national type keywords and to grow DA(Domain authority)
14. Setup guest post outreach when applicable
15. Reviewing Search Console and optimising the pages with low CTR(click through rate) and traffic every few weeks
16. Add videos to pages to increase relevancy, when applicable.
17.Β Reviewing CTA placement and performance.
18. Online and offline conversion tracking.
19. Add free downloads or lead magnets to national blog pages to funnel audience into an asset.
20. Duplicate content check
21. Schema markup
22. High DA Backlink generation and outreach
23. And more as required.

*This list is not a complete list and we work on lots of technical on-site and off-site optimisation depending on business situation, industry, size of the company and so on.

National Traffic Improvement

National SEO brings in multiple sources of traffic from multiple cities around the country. It is an excellent strategy for any franchise business with multi-city locations/branches, eCommerce business selling products on a national level, or even online businesses providing services within the same language boundary, but without geographical restriction.Β 

Hedley Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne SEO, PPC - National SEO Traffic Improvement
Hedley Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne SEO, PPC - National SEO reporting

Transparent Reporting. Know everything

At Hedley, we have seen many cases where clients come to us and complain “We paid x amount of money to this agency, but we didn’t get any result.” or “We don’t know what they did and our revenue is still the same.”Β 

We know why businesses are looking for national SEO agencies. They want more revenue. And, the amount of digital marketing investment must not exceed the additional revenue generated from this SEO investment. In short, ROI is the key. And to find out about ROI, we need data. We need transparent data that outline every single actions that has been taken on your website, what and how it is affecting the sales and how much extra sales is generated through this SEO campaign.Β 

We achieve this by a transparent data-based reporting system.Β 


Deliverable report includes all off-site, on-site and technical SEO works that have been performed. The report will contain details including, but not limited to to any site modification, keyword optimization, web 2.0 submissions, banklink information, technical modification, and much more.Β 


Results report is all about the output. This report will contain everything about the ROI factors such as extra revenue, conversion information, outputs, ranking improvement for target keywords and much more.Β 

With this report, we’re able to see what has worked the best and what aspects of the strategies we can concentrate more in order to maximize the desired outcome, whether its conversion, increased revenue or traffic.

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Crush Your Competition With National SEO

We currently take only a small number of clients each month. This is to make sure that we take enough time to understand your business in and out, how the sales funnels are built, what the industry leaders are doing and much more. This allows us to implement a better custom-made strategies that will be the most effective to YOUR business. Find out more about how we can crush your competitors with National SEO – Speak To Us Today.

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You know being on top of Google is important, but don’t know where to start? Speak to our experts in National SEO Experts with 10+ years of Google search engine digital marketing experience. The best part? Consultation is FREE For all. Take advantage of it.

Questions about SEO?


Just like there is no panacea that cures all diseases, the amount of time we need to spend on a particular business and website to provide the same output cannot be the same for all websites. Some websites are well optimized with high DA(Domain Authority) while some other websites could have been penalized by Google which will take a lot more time to recover from the penalty.

Even though there are countless factors that need to be taken into account, we know each hardworking business owners deserve their businesses to be successful regardless of their budget.Β 

As the amount of work and the type of strategy that is required to rank on Google for a startup eCommerce business and a global franchise brand will be completely different, we will need to conduct an initial assessment of your business to find out more about what’s required.Β 

We have encountered many businesses with a marketing budget less than $1,000 / month and saw the owners struggling to maintain the business itself. If this is you, we strongly suggest that you step back and take a look at your business from a holistic point of view and check your current sales funnel, how you close the deals, profitability of your business, unnecessary expenses and so on. SEO is a long-term investment that is proven to be highly cost-effective in the long-run, but we want you to understand that it is not a magic pill that will drive your traffic within a few days. At minimum, it will take 3+ months to bring notable output. Remember, there is no such thing as get rich quick scheme. Every legitimate and successful businesses take time and tremendous amount of effort to be successful.Β 

Just like a typical SEO, National SEO takes time and time means money. If you’d like faster and more results faster, you can pay for more time. It’s a simple equation. If you have multiple locations, pricing will need to be adjusted as SEO needs to be done for each and every locations you service which can be a complex work where more advanced strategies need to be applied. Speak to us to find out if you need a National SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is a practice of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your target website through using numerous strategies such as on-site optimisation, off-site optimisation, backlink, keyword-rich content creation, competitive analysis and many more !Β 

Local SEO all about location. Local SEO is one of many ways to get your business in front of your target audience in a targeted geographic area. It includes all the necessary components of contemporary SEO – content, on-page optimisation, keyword research, link building – just with a geographically targeted focus.

Thanks to evolving nature of search engines like Google, Local SEO can be a lot to work on. It’s always changing, and can take a lot of time and effort to get right. This is why so many SEO agencies and consultants invest in learning how to do local SEO rather than broader SEO.

So why is it so important? Well, online directories such as Yelp, Google My Business, Yellowpages etc. display a business’ name, address, phone number and often times a lot of information such as menu, business description, price and services/products the business offers.

If you look at how search engines work, local directories generally dominate the first page of many local search results. This is because of the increasing majority of the people using search engines are using their mobile phones when performing the search. Statistically over 70% of these people who search for a business visit the business within 5 miles from where they are right now. Google know this and prioritises businesses, that is within the boundary of the search intent, on top of search results.

Local directory marketing is proven to have higher conversion rate when compared to other typical advertising channels – up to 50% conversion on some directories.

Most businesses work hard and invest time and money in increasing the ranking in Google SEO.

There are only ten(10) organic search results shown on the first page of google SERP(Search Engine Results Page) for any given keywords and the first page gets 92% of all traffic. Yes, 92% of all traffic. And the rest of 8 million businesses share the rest of 8% traffic. Imagine the sheer dominance and impact it can have by being on the first page of Google ?

Many of the big corporates who are generating millions and millions of dollars knew this early in their career. They took action, worked on SEO and absorbed all the traffic which converted into paying clients.Β 

SEO is all about showing yourself and business out to the world by saying “Hey, I am here when you need me !”Β 

No, but for the amount of expertise, experience and result-focused work that we bring to every single client, our pricing model is extremely affordable and reasonable.

While we do not strive to be the cheapest SEO agency in the world, we strive to provide a transparent pricing model that both of Hedley and our clients can mutually grow in the long run.Β 

Hedley prides itself as a full-stack marketing agency with the following core values: transparency, integrity and long-lasting result-driven partnership.

We have worked with the best companies in the world including Microsoft, TEDx, Toyota and have been featured in Forbes, ABC and many other media as one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies.

We have also been internationally recognised by Forbes and invited as official member of Forbes’ exclusive invited-only Business Council for the excellence and expertise in our industry and have been given privilege to write and share our knowledge on digital marketing on Forbes which we are super excited about.Purely from marketing and exposure perspective, we take time to fully understand each of our clients businesses and focus on taking your best products and services from the Amazon Rainforest out to the world so that your potential clients can find you when they need you. We have worked with a small mom and dad restaurants to global corporates and helped them explode their sales and live their dream.

Think of us as your extended marketing department – talk to us and find out how we can grow together !

Yes, we do. But let us explain a bit further.

Google warns against agencies making promises who claims to put clients on the number one on the SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages). Agencies promising to get you on the top #1 on SERP is dangerous and simply not possible.Β 

So what do we guarantee?

We carefully analyze your current standing on Google Ranking and guarantee an improvement in the search engine ranking performance within 90 days. If the ranking is not improved within the first 90 days, we will work for free until it does – this is regardless of industry, company sizes, and difficulty of the target keywords.

This assures you that no money is being spent for nothing and if we did a bad job from our end in delivering what we promise to deliver, we will be the one Β being liable for the poor performance.

This is in line with one our core values of long-lasting, result-driven partnership.

Speak to us today and be assured that your website performance improvement is guaranteed.Β